What people are saying about Downstream

Jason is a thoughtful, capable journalist who is producing some of the best independent work in the City of Pittsburgh.  My experience with him was positive and produced a great interview!

Majestic Lane, Deputy Director of Neighborhood Empowerment, Mayor’s Office

Jason delivers a well-considered and thought-provoking interview that helps his readers understand the nuance and complexity of community development. This is a much needed bridge between the sound bites of the news and the patience and persistence needed to systemically improve our city. Because he is himself an expert, he is able to drill deep – making it an exchange of ideas as much as an interview. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to speak with him.

Christine Mondor, AIA, Evolve EA

Jason Vrabel is the Studs Terkel of Pittsburgh.

Scott Bricker, Executive Director, BikePGH

When Jason interviewed me and my colleagues for a story on Emerald View Park it reminded me of the participant observation and interviewing techniques I once taught in my General Anthropology classes.  Jason took the time to ask deeply thoughtful and observant questions, worked alongside our crew leaders to understand their perspectives on the work and the Park, and listened carefully and clearly.  He also worked hard to fact check the story with us and make sure that he got all of the details right.  He has a real skill to make people feel comfortable and valued during any conversation.

Ilyssa Manspeizer, Ph.D, Executive Director, Landforce

Your [sic] a gasbag.

Bill D., South Hills

Jason Vrabel has an extensive and rooted history working in neighborhoods. In recent years he has cultivated a much-needed community voice through his publication, Downstream—sharing the complicated and nuanced issues that affect place.

Matthew Galluzzo, Executive Director, Lawrenceville Corporation