Rashad Williams, 32, works to build a wall at the Trade Institute of Pittsburgh on June 27, 2018. (Photo by Maranie Rae Staab/PublicSource)
For PublicSource I wrote Pittsburgh task force takes on issue of landlords turning away renters with convictions. How severe are the barriers into the housing market for those with criminal histories, and can these hurdles be lessened? Rashad Williams, then a student at the Trade Institute of Pittsburgh, and Lukas Bagshaw, an aspiring attorney with a law degree, share their stories about the lingering effects of decade-old drug charges.

Members of a local task force are developing policy recommendations to ensure that the Pittsburgh region is in compliance with the Fair Housing Act.

“There are two basic kinds of discrimination, lawful and unlawful.” — Kevin Quisenberry, a Pittsburgh-based attorney with the Community Justice Project.

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