A cement truck passes by Foundry 41 at 41st and Willow streets in Lawrenceville. Foundry 41 is one of the newest luxury developments in the neighborhood. (Photo by John Altdorfer/PublicSource)

Inclusionary zoning could help Pittsburgh generate more affordable housing, but progress has taken years is a story I wrote for PublicSource in October 2018. It’s an explainer on inclusionary zoning, tailored to Pittsburgh’s unique circumstances.

“The timeline for incentive-based affordability is now.” — Ray Gastil.

“Yet municipalities have increasingly turned to IZ to combat rising real estate costs. Many Pittsburgh officials have publicly embraced the idea, but rolling out a policy has been a process. One reason is that IZ is a form of subsidized housing, and the city hasn’t determined who will pay for it.”  Read more at PublicSource.