Graph designed by The Pittsburgh Foundation

For The Pittsburgh Foundation, I wrote Evictions Noticed: The Foundation leads a regional initiative to reduce the numbers of people forced from their homes. Outreach to magisterial courts, homeless advocates and housing experts enabled the Foundation and the Allegheny County Department of Human Services to quantify the magnitude of eviction in the region.

“The fear of eviction is so great. You want to fight it, but the power of landlords is so great that people just leave.”
–CELESTE SCOTT, Pittsburgh United

“WHEREVER RENTAL HOUSING EXISTS, SO DOES THE THREAT OF EVICTION. From rent-subsidized public housing to top-market urban developments and massive suburban apartment complexes, residents are taken to court about 14,000 times each year in Allegheny County, representing a total of $23 million in unpaid rent.” Read more at The Pittsburgh Foundation.